Media Update 3: Recovered Oil Line Leak Response

Media Update #3

RICHMOND, Calif., February 12, 2021 — Cleanup and recovery efforts neared completion today in the Richmond area as shoreline assessment teams and aerial drones monitored land and water for residue from Tuesday’s leak at the Chevron Long Wharf.

This morning’s assessment, which included unmanned aerial surveillance flights, did not detect any sheen on the bay. The only cleanup work still underway is along the waterfront next to the wharf. Keller Beach and public access points on Western Drive have reopened. Meanwhile, protective booms deployed near the Eel Grass Beds and the south side of Brooks Island remain in place as a precaution.

Remedial efforts will transition in the coming days to cleanup as needed if any additional recoverable product is found. Operations at the wharf have resumed. The pipe that was the source of Tuesday’s leak of 12-18 barrels (approximately 500-750 gallons) of a diesel-water mix has been isolated and is not operating.

“This week’s spill response was a clear demonstration of the importance of our valuable port partnerships and continuous training making sure we were all ready to respond to the call as quickly and safely as possible.”  said Senior Chief Jeremy Thomas, Coast Guard Federal Incident Commander.

“The rapid response to this incident, along with the comprehensive, proactive efforts taken to protect our valuable natural resources, has once again shown California to be a worldwide leader in oil spill response,” said Lt. Kyle Hiatt with CDFW-OSPR.

“I thank all the crews who responded safely and expertly to bring this spill quickly under control and clean it up,” said Chevron Fire Chief Greg Bosworth. “We also thank our neighbors for their patience and support. We will learn from our investigation of this incident and continue to focus on safe and reliable operations.”

Contra Costa Health Services said, “As the Local Government On Scene Coordinator, Contra Costa Health Services wishes to thank all parties responding to this incident for their high-level of collaboration to minimize the impact to the surrounding community, marine habitat and natural resources.”

Air monitoring by authorities has not detected any levels that would result in health impacts or injuries. There are currently no public health orders from Contra Costa County pertaining to this incident. For additional questions or concerns regarding public health, please check the County Health Alerts at

There has been no impact on wildlife as a result of this incident. The Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) reported Thursday that they were demobilizing. If anyone encounters potentially affected wildlife, they should stay away from the animal and report the sighting to the OWCN at 1-877-UCD-OWCN (1-877-823-6926).

The Unified Command responding to the spill is comprised of the U.S. Coast Guard, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Office of Spill Prevention and Response, Contra Costa Health Services, and Chevron.

For publicly available information on the response including Frequently Asked Questions, please visit

NOTE: Updated 2/16/2021 at 1518 hours to correct the quote provided by Coast Guard Federal Incident Commander.